The coffee shop around the corner.

Sometimes the coffee shop around the corner wakes you from your slumber with it’s heavenly aromas and you go to it because COFFEE. This happens to be me almost every Friday morning without fail. Saturday mornings, too, for that matter. Jim and I have had the privilege of living in close proximity to coffee shops for over a year now. When we lived in midtown Atlanta, we lived down the road from several coffee shops. But guess what – we live right around the corner from one in Laurel, too!

I’ve actually only recently become a coffee drinker. I made it through my entire college career without a single cup of coffee. I just hadn’t acquired a taste for it. But this all changed when Jim and I moved to Atlanta. Our second week of living in the city, an opportunity opened up at a brand new coffee shop down the road from our home known as Revelator Coffee. I had never been a barista, but we all know it’s a part of the job description to love what you’re selling. The store held training for the entire week before opening for the new baristas, and I was taught how to properly taste, brew and serve a delicious cup of coffee. My personal favorite was working with “the Slayer”, our espresso machine. Making latte art is as fun as it sounds. It also didn’t hurt that my workspace was beautiful: clean lines, city views, and oh, those coffee aromas! Downright heavenly. Jim could come after classes to study while I worked, that may have been the biggest perk. I loved the regulars, the product, and it was where my love for coffee was born.

Since my barista days, I’ve come to love coffee – whether it be a steaming hot cup, a cold brew, espresso, speciality drinks, I really love it all. One of the things I knew I would miss when we left Atlanta was the coffee – not just the product, but the space and friends Revelator created. Upon our move to Laurel, you can imagine my excitement to have a coffee shop around the corner from our loft, Lee’s Coffee and Tea. We may not be in the big city anymore, but this small town is suiting us just fine. I’m a creature of habit, so I really only need one place where I feel comfortable and I’ll become a regular.

I cannot tell you the time I have spent at this particular coffee shop. Jim and I have made it a tradition to go to Lee’s on Saturday mornings for a coffee date. It’s a time when we catch up on the events of the week and continue to pursue a relationship with one another. When I’m not at work and I want to go to a place to read, write, or talk, you’ll find me at Lee’s. The rag time music playing softly in the background, a friendly face behind the counter, and a tasty beverage in my hand. I’ve had some of the best conversations here, and you never know who you’re going to see that day. It’s a wonderful place to be productive in your work, but also a place where you can meet a friend for a cup of coffee and talk about life. Laurel is the Stars Hollow of the south, and Lee’s coffee is Luke’s Diner – you’ll find everyone at Lee’s. Consider me a regular, folks.

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