Oh the weather outside is frightful.

The weather here has got me all out of whack. One day it’s 40 degrees, the next it’s reaching the upper 70s. Needless to say, my sinuses are all messed up, and I’ve been feeling pretty icky all weekend.

To celebrate the weekend + upcoming Christmas vacation + any other excuse I can think of for not cooking, Jim, Winnie and I spent our Friday night enjoying PDI burgers while watching White Christmas by the tree. Some days call for a date night at home, and I personally think every day calls for a viewing of White Christmas (much to Jim’s dismay).

We had our traditional coffee date at Lee’s on Saturday morning, and then Jim mysteriously disappeared for an hour or two to run some errands around town. This happens every year when December rolls around. I’ve learned it’s incredibly hard to surprise someone when you’re married – you know, you live together, pay bills and manage money together, etc., but somehow Jim figures out a way around all those obstacles. Since my sinuses were not cooperating, I stayed home to wrap gifts, watch Christmas movies, and begin packing for our trip back to Virginia. Side note: Jim and I have learned that Christmas isn’t nearly as much fun when you’re a working adult vs. a college student, because it’s almost more stressful to try and take vacation from your job, making sure everything is squared away. This is our first Christmas where we’re both out of college and working, so we’re still learning all those wonderful things about taking time off during the holidays. Thankfully our schedules aligned nicely for this Christmas, and for that I am thankful!

Speaking of Jim surprising me: last year, when we lived in Atlanta, I wanted a sign with the word “Bakery” from Magnolia Market for Christmas. But after reviewing our holiday budget, I knew it was out of our price range. Come Christmas morning in Roanoke, there is a long, large gift propped up by the tree. I open it to find a HANDMADE bakery sign, nearly five feet long, created by Jim. He had pulled several late nights in Atlanta working on this project, while all along I thought he was working on a final for school. Not to mention he somehow managed to pack our car without me noticing the large gift on our way to Virginia. Call me oblivious, but I say he’s just extra stealthy. Here is the notorious sign in our Laurel loft (hey, Winnie!):



And here we are today, Sunday evening and I’m still not back to my usual self. Everyone took naps today, including Winnie. Although every fiber of my being didn’t want to go outside this morning simply because of the weather and my current state of blah, Jim and I went to church. Funny how my head didn’t want to be there, but the sermon was exactly what my heart needed to hear – God has a sense of humor like that.

Although this upcoming week is a short work week for Jim and I, it is somewhat daunting – a whirlwind with traveling and wrapping up work for the year. But it’s also incredibly auspicious, because the thought of seeing family is on the horizon, and that just gets me downright giddy. See you soon, Blue Ridge Mountains.

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