Sometimes you just need your Mama.

Whether you’re physically sick or just plain homesick, there are certain ailments that only mama can cure. For myself, it was a case of homesickness. Jim and I haven’t made it back to Virginia since Christmas, and we are unsure of when our next journey home will be. It’s awfully exciting when you have a date to look forward to, and awfully discouraging when you don’t.

To make a long story short, it all worked out that my mama could cure my homesick heart with a visit this past weekend. And unbeknownst to us while making these last minute plans, it was Mother’s Day weekend. How fitting, I thought to myself. Even though it’s a day to honor moms, she would make a 11+ hour drive to visit me, plan a weekend getaway with an additional several hours of driving, and spend quality time with me. The reason I find this so fitting is because mamas always sacrifice, serve, love and care for their kiddos – even on their days. So this past weekend, we packed our bags, took advantage of my relatively close proximity to the coast, and made a break for Pensacola Beach, Florida.

From when we first loaded the car, all the way until we unpacked our belongings at the hotel, storms accompanied us, our undesired companions. But I believe God has a way of reminding us through small ways how to better appreciate the beauty in the ordinary. The dreary weather on Friday helped us adore the beauty that was Saturday and Sunday. Blue skies, white sand, and clear water. I’ve spent a great deal of time in the Pacific, so swimming in the Gulf is a relatively unfamiliar experience. I must admit, it was a little unsettling to visibly swim alongside the fish!

After a weekend of nothing but reading, swimming, eating, resting and roasting (sunburn – ouch!), it was time for my mom to head home. I’m slowly learning that goodbyes don’t get easier with time. When my mom gets in her car to drive away, I usually get a lump in my throat and a pain in my stomach. The growing pains of adulthood, of leaving and cleaving, of living a great distance away. So when the tears come (as they always do), I cling to joyful memories and anticipate future visits. As for now, I’ll look back with fondness on the memories made, like this past weekend in Pensacola. Of all the weekends, I couldn’t be more thankful to have spent this specific one with her. My mama is truly a kindred spirit.

I’d like to note that, in my mama’s absence, I have befriended several women here in Laurel who care for me, mentor me, and treat me like one of their own. There’s something special about small town friendships. On days that are difficult and long, I can rely on these women in their steadfastness and wisdom. These friendships are forming, shaping, and molding me, and it’s all a beautiful, sanctifying process. They make the distance from loved ones much more bearable. And while I’m overwhelmingly grateful for these friendships, we all know, sometimes you just need your mama.

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