Meet the Hurts.

So glad you stopped by for a minute! My name is Mackenzie, but my friends call me Kenz. I am a small-town-Southerner-in-training. My husband and I moved to Laurel, Mississippi, and we’ve fallen in love with the charms, quirkiness and community this town holds.

I married my college sweetheart, Jim. I had a crush on him since the day I met him, and the rest is history. Ok, it was a bit more than just that. Perhaps I’ll write a blog post on our love story and refer you to that blog post in the near future? I’m writing this here now for future me because present me is forgetful. (Future me – well, now past me – remembered and documented our love story here). I digress. We moved several times in our first year of marriage due to Jim’s internships and final year at Georgia Tech. We’re hoping to stay in one place for a while now that he’s graduated and working full time, and we’re thankful we’re weathering all of life’s seasons together. He’s my BFF and my biggest fan, and I love him! We’re parents to a rambunctious cat named Winnie, and are over the moon to announce that we’re expecting our first baby come July 2019!

I’ve been fascinated with the relationship between natural light + images for a long while, and I cannot remember a day when I didn’t love to write; therefore, a blog seemed like a natural fit. In an effort to keep everyone up to date since my husband and I have moved from our home state of Virginia, we thought this an effective means for doing so! If you care to keep up with the Hurts life’s happenings, feel free grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and stay a while.

P.S. Random fact: we have spontaneous dance parties in our kitchen. There’s nothing much like boogieing one’s bootie off, am I right!?

Photo by Abigail Grey Photography