Meet the Hurts.

Exhausted, eager, timid, aspiring, clueless, determined, uncertain, dutiful. We’re a mixture and a mess, but we’re doing our best, raising our littles and learning what “home” means to us.

I married my college sweetheart, Jim. I had a crush on him since the day I met him, and the rest is history. Ok, it was a bit more than just that. Perhaps I’ll write a blog post on our love story and refer you to that blog post in the near future? I’m writing this here now for future me because present me is forgetful. (Future me – well, now past me – remembered and documented our love story here). I digress. We’ve lived in several states over our first five years of marriage, but are hoping to be settled in one place for this season as we raise our babies. We’re parents to an ever-curious toddler, Caid, and are welcoming our baby girl this spring!

Postpartum hit me like a tumultuous wave, and I’m learning how to navigate motherhood day by day. To give myself an outlet that allows me to document home projects and motherhood sentiments as a full-time SAHM, blogging feels like a natural fit. From encouraging creativity to experiencing the mundane, join me as I continually learn what it means to create and cultivate my own sense of home.

Photo by Abigail Grey Photography