Changing The Narrative.

Underserving. Uncertain. Inadequate. When Jim and I found out we were expecting, a flood of thoughts and emotions surged through my mind and body. Excitement and eagerness met with anxiety and hesitation. Hopefulness and gratefulness met with fearfulness and self-doubt. There was a tinge of guilt for feeling both overwhelmingly grateful and undeniably afraid. The … More Changing The Narrative.

Befriending Finitude.

Does anyone feel like, no matter how much they schedule, plan, and execute, they cannot accomplish everything they hope to in a single day? Even if I check off everything on my to-do list, I often look back on the day reflecting on who I should’ve listened to a while longer, who I could’ve reached … More Befriending Finitude.

The What If’s.

A sharply dressed man carrying his briefcase walked hastily toward his gate, armed with a Starbucks coffee cup and an iPhone glued to his ear. An elderly woman sitting nearby a window, watching as a mother soothes her restless, little one. A boy sitting nearby a wall, his cellphone plugged into the outlet, impatiently reassuring … More The What If’s.