Befriending Finitude.

Does anyone feel like, no matter how much they schedule, plan, and execute, they cannot accomplish everything they hope to in a single day? Even if I check off everything on my to-do list, I often look back on the day reflecting on who I should’ve listened to a while longer, who I could’ve reached … More Befriending Finitude.

The What If’s.

A sharply dressed man carrying his briefcase walked hastily toward his gate, armed with a Starbucks coffee cup and an iPhone glued to his ear. An elderly woman sitting nearby a window, watching as a mother soothes her restless, little one. A boy sitting nearby a wall, his cellphone plugged into the outlet, impatiently reassuring … More The What If’s.


Perhaps it’s too good to believe, but it appears Autumn has arrived and is, Lord willing, here to stay in Southern Mississippi. I can’t remember being so eager or giddy over cold fronts until I moved to Laurel. I began wearing scarves even when the weather didn’t match my heart’s desires for cool temperatures, hoping … More 100-miles-a-minute.

A Summary & Snapshot of my Summer Sabbatical (alliteration, anyone!?)

I know it’s been a while, but I’d like to begin this post by stating the obvious: I’ve taken some time off from blogging this summer. Not because I don’t enjoy documenting life’s adventures, but because Jim and I have found ourselves unexpectedly busy. And with busyness comes the need for discipline. I was in … More A Summary & Snapshot of my Summer Sabbatical (alliteration, anyone!?)