Perhaps it’s too good to believe, but it appears Autumn has arrived and is, Lord willing, here to stay in Southern Mississippi. I can’t remember being so eager or giddy over cold fronts until I moved to Laurel. I began wearing scarves even when the weather didn’t match my heart’s desires for cool temperatures, hoping … More 100-miles-a-minute.

A Summary & Snapshot of my Summer Sabbatical (alliteration, anyone!?)

I know it’s been a while, but I’d like to begin this post by stating the obvious: I’ve taken some time off from blogging this summer. Not because I don’t enjoy documenting life’s adventures, but because Jim and I have found ourselves unexpectedly busy. And with busyness comes the need for discipline. I was in … More A Summary & Snapshot of my Summer Sabbatical (alliteration, anyone!?)

Consuming & Creating.

Recently, I’ve had a difficult time thinking about anything besides the work being done at Choices Clinic. My formal title there is “Administrative Assistant,” but at a nonprofit, you wear a multitude of different hats. My favorite hat to wear is “Client Advocate,” where I’m able to meet with a client, listen to her story, … More Consuming & Creating.

Small town, big city.

This past week, a majority of the staff at Choices Clinic flew out to Chicago for the annual Heartbeat International Conference. This conference is a wonderful opportunity for pregnancy resource centers to gather together and attend workshops and sessions to gain new insights and tools that they can later implement into their centers. It’s also a … More Small town, big city.

The business of busyness.

One of the beautiful characteristics of small town living is how easy it is to become integrated into your community. With integration comes involvement, and with involvement comes commitment. I’ve really enjoyed becoming better integrated into Laurel, and some neat opportunities have presented themselves throughout my time here. But as my workload has slowly increased, so has … More The business of busyness.